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Stage 10: Add Play Equipment, Vehicles and People

by Ian Ibbotson


Finally, Key 3D Model Objects dialog is used to add play equipment, cars and vans and Key 3D Image Objects dialog is used to add people. This brings the scene to life and further adds to the sense of scale for the design

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10.1 Play Equipment

  • Carry on from the previous scene or open ACAD to 3D Stage 10.max
  • Open Key 3D Model Objects dialog and Browse to Playground / Record
  • In the Top viewport Drop playground equipment onto the rubber safety surfaces

  • Rotate the play equipment on the Z axis so that they are orientated correctly

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10.2 Cars and vans

  • In Key 3D Model Objects dialog Browse to xtra Vehicles / Cars
  • In the Top viewport Drop Car 02 high res red or similar onto the road surface

  • Rotate the car on the Z axis so that it faces the correct way
  • Open Key 3D Drop Onto
  • Check Follow Surface Normal and then press Position and Drop. The button turns orange
  • In the Top viewport move the cross cursor and drop the car slightly further up the road
  • Right click to stop the drop routine

This will ensure that the car follows the surface of the road

  • Use the same routine to drop and position a further six cars and two vans

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10.3 People

To drop single Image Object people on surfaces

  • Open Key 3D Image Objects dialog and Browse to People / Casual Standing
  • Select a thumbnail image

  • Press Drop and in the Top viewport left click to drop the Image Object on a surface

To drop multiple Image Objects on surfaces

  • In Key 3D Image Objects dialog press Browse and select People / Crowds
  • In the Top viewport drop the Image Objects onto surfaces. This option drops different images each time the left mouse button is pressed

To generate crowds automatically

Use Key 3D Spline Filler to generate crowds automatically:

  • Draw a spline in the Top viewport delineating where a crowd of people is required
  • Create a small Box with minimum segments as a 'Fill' object

  • Open Key 3D Spline Filler and select the spline
  • Under Spline to Fill press Selected. The name Line01 is displayed
  • Select the box
  • Under Fill Object press Selected. The name Box01 is displayed
  • Press Fill
  • If the fill number or randomisation is not suitable press Undo. Change the number and press Fill again

The spline is filled with 'Fill' objects

  • Open Key 3D Straight to Surface and select all the boxes
  • Press Move and in the User viewport see the boxes move to the surface

  • Open Key 3D Image Objects dialog and select People / Crowds / Crowd cas stand & walk
  • Press Settings and randomise the height and width by about 10% up and down
  • Select all the boxes and press Replace. This replaces all the box 'Fill' objects with randomised people Image Objects

  • Finally open Key 3D Image Object Settings
  • Select All
  • Press Look At Camera and then Add Shadows

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