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Michael BeallFrom: AutoCAD Productivity Articles #146
Originally published: June 2016


by Michael Beall

The 2D UCS iconEvery five years or so I address the UCS icon, so here's your next installment.

General Insights

  • There is a UCSICON command with these options:

    UCS options

  • Right-click on the UCS icon to display a shortcut menu with a Properties option where you can dress it up a bit.

    UCS properties

  • 2D Wireframe UCS iconWhen you are in the 2D Wireframe visual style, the UCS icon looks like a stick figure. In any other visual style, the icon is a bit more colorful and 3D looking.

  • Horses can only breath through their nose. [Just checking to see if you're paying attention.]

  • Round UCS gripsClick on the UCS icon and you see a square grip at 0,0,0 and round grips at the ends of the axes.

  • To disable the ability to select/click on the UCS icon, set the variable UCSSELECTMODE to <0>.

Note: There's an article on how to dimension 3D objects in Michael's Corner, January 2013. You will find more information on manipulating the UCS icon in that review, too.

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