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Michael BeallFrom: AutoCAD Productivity Articles #139
Originally published: April 2015

Update the Source File Block Edits on the Tool Palette

by Michael Beall

Tool PropertiesThroughout the archives of Michael's Corner you will find dozens of references to tool palettes, including the key component of blocks on a tool palette: the Source File. [Coverage of the Block Source file was originally presented in March 2006.]

Scenario: You add this armless chair to the source file and put several chairs in a drawing… then you update the chair in the source file with arms.

Problem: The chair on the palette now displays arms, but the chairs in the drawing have no arms, soooo…

How to Update Drawing Blocks from the Source File

  1. Update tool imageAfter modifying the block in the Source File, right-click on the related block on the tool palette, then click Update tool image.

  2. Now, in the drawing containing the blocks that were in the former armless state, go to the tool palette, right-click on the updated block image, then click Redefine… and all those chairs now have the updated condition with arms!

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